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Rotor replacement on your chipper shredder



On this tutorial, we will cover how to make a complete rotor swap on your chipper shredder. The model utilized here is the chipper shredder 2090, but the concept is pretty much the same on all of our chipper shredders. This tutorial will serve you well if you need to remove the rotor to perform maintenance or a rotor swap.

Step 1.




For this tutorial, we will use:

 1- Pliers

1- Can of penetrating oil spray

1- Hex key 1/8" (Allen key)

2- Hex wrenches 9/16"

2- Flat screwdrivers (chisel optional)

1- Small hammer or mallet

1- Pulley extractor

1- Oil dispenser, grease

Strips of 280-grit sanding paper (or higher)

Before starting this tutorial, remove the belt guard and belts beforehand (Make sure the engine is OFF).  On how to remove/reassemble the belts, please refer to the following tutorial here.


Step 2.


Spray the bearing unit with penetrating oil. Make sure to aim directly to shaft and bearing housing contact (use the straw). Let it sit for approx 20 mins. 

penetrating oil on the chipper bearing housing

Step 3.


Loosen the 2-housing socket screws with a 1/8" hex key (Allen).

removing the cup socket screws on the bearing from the chipper shredder

Step 5.


Remove pins and safety hair pins. 

removing the safety hairpins from the chipper frame

Step 6. 


Remove the screen.


removing the size screen

Step 7. 


insert a piece of wood or suitable piece to block the rotor from spinning.


placing a piece of wood underneath the chipper rotor

Step 8. 


Remove the shaft center bolt with a 9/16" hex wrench of socket. 

loosening the center bolt on the rotor shaft

Step 9. 


Remove the 1/4" hub bolts with a 7/16" socket and place them on the other holes, tighten to push the pulley away towards the bearing, and free the hub. The pulley must be sitting completely away from the hub. 


utilizing a cup socket to looseng the pulley hub bolts

Step 10. 


If the pulley is free but the hub is too tight to slide it out by hand, place a pulley extractor and bring the pulley out along with the hub as shown in the picture. 


pulley extractor to remove pulley assembly

Step 11. 


Once the pulley has been removed, loosen the bearing housing set screws. Apply penetrating oil to the shaft bearing contact area and let it sit for 20 mins. 


loosening cup socket screws from the pulley side

Step 12. 


Loosen the bearing housing bolts with 2- 9/16" hex wrenches. Make sure to utilize a wrench from the inside to stop the bolt's head from spinning. 

loosening bearing bolts on the chipper with a hex wrench

Step 13. 


Loosen bolts from the chute side with only one 9/16" hex wrench. 


gently tapping the bearing to loosen the contact area between shaft and bearing

Step 14. 


Gently tap on the bearing housing with a small hammer to shake off the contact area and improve the penetrating oil's reach. This will help in removing the bearing.


20191101_140226 (Copy).jpg

Step 15. 


Use a flat screwdriver to lift one end of the bearing housing. This will require adding significant stress to the tool. Apply a good amount of lever-action towards the end of the shaft and see if the bearing is moving out.   


utilizing a flat screwdriver to remove the bearing housing

Step 16. 


If it's too stuck, utilize an additional tool such as a chisel to help extract the bearing housing as shown on the pic. We use some scrap plywood to protect the paint and keep some lever action on the housing.


removing the bearing housing

Step 17. 


Once there is sufficient room, utilize a pulley extractor to bring the bearing out. 

pulley extractor removing the bearing housing

Step 18. 


Repeat the same steps 14-17 on the bearing from the transmission side. Before sliding it out make sure to sand the shaft to remove rust with a 280 grit sandpaper and after sanding, apply a thin film of grease.


removing the bearing housing from the back of the chipper

Step 19. 


Loosen shredder chute bolts, flanges and remove. 


removing the top shredder chute

Step 20. 


Remove the top.

removing the top cover

Step 21. 


Remove all bolts attaching the side frame and remove. Make sure that the rotor is being supported underneath.


Step 21. 


Remove the rotor.

removing the rotor from the chipper shredder

Step 22. 


Clean the area and components before performing a reassembly.

cleaning the chipper components


Step 23. 


Clean inside the machine and components. Sand with a 280-grit paper inside the bearing to remove rust, debris, and any grease sludge. Then, apply a thin film of oil.

greasing the bearing units prior to mounting

Step 24. 


Apply a thin film of oil to both shafts on each side.

applying oil to shaft

Step 25. 


Insert the rotor, make sure the non-wrapping disk (flat 1/2" steel donut) is already in place. Make sure to put a piece that supports the rotor underneath as described on step 21.

putting chipper rotor back on the frame

Step 26. 


Insert back side frame. Please note you must insert bearing bolts BEFORE sliding the shaft. 

assembling the back frame

Step 27. 


Apply a dib of oil to shaft and insert bearing housing. Align holes with the non-wrapping disk and insert bolts. Please note you must make sure that the bearing grease nipple is pointing outwards of the frame, otherwise, you would not be able to utilize it for regreasing in the future.

sliding the bearing housing from the chute side

Step 28. 


Align holes with the help of a screwdriver or a round shaft and insert bolts. Repeat step 27-28 on the other side. 

putting the fasteners together on bearing unit

Step 29. 


Once bolts are assembled onto each bearing unit, put back together with the frame (top cover, chute flange, etc) else BEFORE tightening bearing bolts. Bearing bolts shall be the last fasteners to be tightened. 

putting back together the chipper

Step 30. 


Once the frame is assembled and bolts are tightened. Proceed to tighten bearing bolts. Preload each bearing bolt to make sure the rotor sits well and allow the bearing unit to self-align, before giving the final tightening.   

After each bearing housing is tightened, spin rotor and make sure is rotating freely. Proceed to tighten socket cup screws. 

tightening the bearing bolts


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