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Take control of your property with a Yardbeast 3514 ATV.


Yardbeast brings quality wood chippers for sale for residential and commercial needs. Our professional-grade wood chippers make quick work of any wood ready for disposal on your property. Each chipper is made to commercial-grade specifications, including thick steel gauges, commercial-grade clutches, and engines. 

Our chippers are constructed durable and rugged to last. It's time to add a Yardbeast chipper to your equipment fleet to achieve next level control of your property.


Thanks to their carefully angled blade, our chippers can reduce a large branch to chips in minutes. All of our chippers are advertised with true-feed capacities. Our one-blade design on our chipper makes feeding the beast easier while also saving your back and time on pruning the branches. If you are looking for a solution other than burning your pile of branches, getting a wood chipper is the most reasonable step. 

Our stellar customer service will be there when you need help turning around your wood chipper maintenance into a great success.


We fully support our customers by offering knowledgeable customer support and a full suite of spare parts available for order. Additionally, our chippers are backed by a strong 2-year warranty, we are always one call or email away from answering your technical questions about our chippers. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and is a key element in our brand growth. 


Our wood chippers are advertised as true feed capacity chipping.


Don’t be fooled by false claims of chipping capacity from other wood chipper brands. Our wood chippers deliver what they promise - true chipping capacities that match your needs and expectations. Whether you need to chip small branches or large logs, our wood chippers can handle it with ease and efficiency. Trust our wood chippers to give you the best performance and value for your money!

Our bolted designed products, make our chippers competitive in the market for long lasting performance and reliability.


Unlike other sheet metal part components that use butt welds, ours are bolted for your convenience and satisfaction. This means you can easily replace any parts that wear out over time, enjoy greater durability and resistance to fatigue, and upgrade your components with future parts retrofits. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Our wood chippers are fitted with premium quality commercial engines.


Our chippers are powered by select premium commercial rated engines only.  Yardbeast carry the engine lines of Kohler Command Pro, CRX and Honda, each one supported by their respective commercial warranties.

Our chippers are fabricated of steel. No plastics anywhere. Our chippers are designed for customers that are searching for a high quality long lasting wood chipper


Our chippers are advertised with true feeding capacities, meaning you can comfortably process a 3.5 inch branch and have it chipped quickly and efficiently.

We stand behind our chippers, and that's why all of our products are covered by a 2 year warranty.


Our chippers are powered by select premium commercial rated engines only.  Yardbeast carry the engine lines of Kohler Command Pro, CRX and Honda.

Our continous improvement philosophy allows our units to be fabricated with the lastest innovations and improvementes making sure you get a stellar wood chipper that performs from day 1.


All of our sheet metal part components are bolted to allow the possibility of easier parts replacement, better resistance to fatigue as opposed to butt welds and the possibility for future parts retrofits

What is best for me, a dedicated wood chipper or a chipper shredder?

Your necessity for either machine will depend on the type of trees that surround your property. For example, if you live in a heavily wooded area, and those trees let go of lots of foliage and need to dispose of that, you will definitely need a chipper shredder for that. If you leave in a place such as a more deserted area where you are encountered by shrubbery and less foliage, a dedicated chipper will be better off for that. 

Mechanically they are both very different units. A chipper shredder comprises the following:

A double feed hopper. One hopper is destined for only processing branches, usually thinner and more prominent. And another bigger, wider hopper whose purpose is to accommodate a volume of leaves and twigs.
A disk rotor with hammers. In contrast to a dedicated chipper, the chipper shredder rotor is wider, having a set of hammers and/or flails that miniaturizes the leaves and twigs. The dedicated chipper usually brings only a disk face with a blade to chop out the branches and a set of vanes to push the chipped material through a discharge. 
A sizing screen. The chipper shredder has the feature to be assembled with different size screens to reduce the shredded or chipped material to the size the customer requires. However is important to take note that the smallest the reduction ratio, the longer the chipper shredder takes to process the material.  

Can chipper shredders shred palm fronds? Chipper Shredders are unable to shred fibrous materials like palm fronds, bamboo straws, and similar materials. The fibers will end up clogging the sizing screen. So if you live in a more tropical area and are surrounded by this type of foliage we recommend purchasing a dedicated wood chipper instead. 

What is a gravity-feed wood chipper? Is that the right feature for me?

A gravity fed wood chipper is a machine that is fed without the assistance of a mechanical system and its feeding chute is usually heavily angled so that the weight of the branch helps 'pushing' itself into the chipping mechanism. For most of the residential and professional (sometimes described as prosumer) work, a gravity fed chipper can suffice most of the required work. Our machine lineup offers two commercial grade models that are gravity fed to help arborists, landscapers or tree care startups the ability to own a brand new chipper without a hefty upfront price as compared to purchasing a hydraulic unit. 

Besides competitive pricing, a gravity fed chipper carry much less parts to take care of so you have to worry less about unit maintenance and longer downtimes and are much safer to operate. In the event of getting entangled with branches when the unit is chipping, the weight of the operator is used against the chipper self feeding force separating the branch from the rotor, and thus stopping the feeding operation. 

All of the Yardbeast wood chippers for sale here, excel at self feeding giving you much less work by avoiding pushing the branches like many others on the competition. Of course, blade's sharpness is critical to self feeding performance so that is something to always be on the lookout for. ​


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