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Yardbeast brings quality wood chippers for sale for residential and commercial needs. Our professional grade wood chippers make quick work of any wood ready for disposal on your property. Each chipper is made to commercial-grade specifications, including thick steel gauges, commercial grade clutches, and engines. 


Our chippers, thanks to their carefully angled blade, can reduce a large branch to chips in minutes. All of our chippers are advertised with true-feed capacities. Our one blade design on our chipper makes feeding the beast easier while also saving your back and time on pruning the branches. If you are looking for a solution other than burning your pile of branches, then getting a wood chipper is the most reasonable step to take. 


Our wood chippers come in a variety of sizes and chipping capabilities, from the small Junior Beast to the Big Beast. Each one is made with thick steel to make the machine durable and able to withstand chopping large pieces of wood. Likewise, all of our blades are made with sharp steel that can keep an edge to make quick work of any trees or other plants you need to be turned into chips.

We know how important it is to have the power to chop down entire trees. That’s why YardBeast’s wood chippers for sale all have big engines. We tell you the exact capability of each machine. Our team also covers each of our wood chippers with a TGIC powder power coat. This helps the machine keep its look and protects the metal for many years to come in both outdoor and indoor storage.


At Yardbeast we understand that buying a professional grade wood chipper is not only a significant investment but our customer's expectations are also high. 

Should you encounter any difficulties assembling, operating, or maintaining your chipper, our knowledgeable sales team and engineers will be more than glad to bring a speedy and effective solution to your issue.


In addition, our chippers are backed by a robust 2-year warranty for workmanship and materials. Our selection of engines carries top notch warranty programs from their respective manufacturers.  

So, don't fret and give us a call. We'll be happy to get in touch with you and get the beast running strong. 

Wood Chippers

2510 home use wood chipper with hand tow kit powered by 9.0 horsepower Kohler engine

Junior Beast.

2.5" Chipping capacity

Powered by 9.5HP Kohler engine

D2 Tool steel chipper blade

Hilliard Heavy-Duty clutch/ Hand tow

 MSRP $2,209.99  

3.5 inch wood chipper with hand towing wagon kit

Reliable Power.

3.5" Chipping capacity

Powered by 14.0HP Kohler engine

Dual D2 Tool steel blade

10 Fullshred Flails/ 7/8" screen

MSRP $2,599.99

ATV Beast

3.5" Chipping capacity

Powered by 14.0HP Kohler engine

D2 Tool Steel blade / 56lb rotor

NorAm Commercial Clutch/ ATV Tow

MSRP $2,699.99

Chipper Shredders

2050 wood chipper shredder

Built like a tank.

3.0" Chipping / 2.5" Shredding cap.

Powered by  9.5HP Kohler engine

2 D2 Tool Blades/ 10 Fullshred flails

Hilliard heavy-Duty clutch/ Hand Tow

 MSRP $2,339.99

2090 wood chipper shredder with ATV towing kit

Queen of Chippers.

3.5" Chipping / 3/4" Shredding cap.

Powered by 14HP Kohler engine

D2 Tool st. blade/ 22 Hammers/ 6 Flails

NorAm Commercial Clutch/ ATV Tow

MSRP $3,099.99

Commercial Wood Chippers

4521 self feed commercial grade wood chipper highway towable

Big Beast.

4.5" Chipping Capacity

Powered by 20.5HP Kohler engine

A8 Steel Blade / 3/4" disc rotor

NorAm Commercial Clutch / Highway

MSRP $7,399.99

6525 commercial grade wood chipper with wide feeding chute and rotational chipper discharge

The King.

6.5" Chipping Capacity

Powered by 25HP Kohler engine

A8 Steel Blade / 3/4" disc rotor

NorAm Commercial Clutch / Highway

MSRP $9,899.99

PTO Wood Chipper

4500 tractor pto wood chipper with Cat 1 frame

Pto Chipper Beast.

4.5" Chipping Capacity

CAT 1 frame up to 45HP

A8 Steel Blade / 3/4" disc rotor

3-Belt Pulley Transmission

MSRP $3,199.99

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All of our wood chippers are made from quality components and materials. Designed with the user in mind; our wood chippers can withstand the hardest of jobs out in the field. 
From residential to more robust applications, we have a solution for you; whether it is chipping palm fronds in Miami or shredding pine cones in Seattle. Our wood chippers are backed by our 2-year warranty and up to a 3-year engine warranty on the engines we carry. 
All of our chipper orders are shipped free to residential addresses with liftgate service included. We are an established business since 2006 based on Miami, Florida (FL). 
We sell high-quality wood chipper equipment for residential, semi-pro and commercial applications. 
We breathe innovation and design; our chippers are evolving constantly with one goal in mind: 100% customer satisfaction.

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