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Replacing Flails on your 2050/2090 Chipper Shredder.

So it's that time you determined you need to change the flails on your 2050 wood chipper shredder or 2090 model. We have compiled below a quick service guide that will help you make this job as smooth as possible. Time to complete: approx 10-15 mins (on each pin).

Step 1.

Make sure to gather the right set of tools. Above is a picture of the tools we will utilize for this change.

Tools to use:

1- Hammer

1- Flat head Screwdriver

1- Piece of round metal (3/8" or less)

1- Pliers

2- 9/16" hex wrench

Step 2.

Pull out the safety cotter pin located on behind the belt guard. Make sure to take out the one on the left (facing the unit).

Step 3.

Pull out the L-pin towards you. This will free up the flat screen inside the unit before removal.

Step 4.

Open the front cover of the chipper by loosening all 3/8" hex bolts (8 sets total). Then, pull the front cover towards you to remove the cover and the flat screen altogether.

Step 5.

Loosen the screws on the side chute and remove.

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