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7.0-inch Commercial Wood Chipper 

  • Kohler® Command Pro 27HP V-Twin Commercial Engine with cyclonic air filtration system and onboard controls.

  • Capable of chipping wood branches up to 7.0 inches (178mm).         

  • Hydraulic Feeding is controlled by onboard electronics that guarantees smooth and efficient chipping so you can finish the job quicker.

  •  A 2,000-lb torsion axle suspension system that removes the axle from the middle, provides a smoother ride on the highway while giving you more clearance to go over offroad obstacles.

  • Transmission commercial-grade clutch and power belt for easy starts and efficient power transmission.

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Let's admit it. Reliability and Affordability never looked so good.



Ferocious Feeding Drum

  • The Yardbeast 7027 boasts a powerful 10-inch feed roller driven by a high-powered hydraulic system. Mounted on a bearing-supported carriage, the drum ensures seamless maneuverability between branches of varying diameters. Its twelve razor-sharp feeding teeth, crafted from 3/16-inch thick steel, swiftly secure incoming branches, ensuring effortless chipping.

Oversized Chute. Less pruning

  • Time is everything. That is why our Yardbeast 7027 comes standard with an oversized feeding chute and tray that allows up to multiple users to continuously load material like twigs and bushes while the chipper is operating dramatically reducing the waiting times.  


Reinforced Feed Tray with Heavy Duty Locks

  • The tray is reinforced with three sectional links that provide improved rigidity to withstand the constant hitting and wear that branches cause when they land on top. Heavy-duty locks on board that safely secure the feeding tray while traveling or when taking the chipper offroad. The locks are spring-loaded and adjustable. Every part of the tray is replaceable to only replace the part that wears the most.

Electronic Feed Control

  • The Yardbeast 7027 has an electronica programmable feed control. This feature allows for the unit to feed the chipper with precision while keeping the engine RPM at an optimal speed, making chipping faster thus being able to chip more in less time and finish the job faster. Feeding control also makes sure that other components are being put to optimar operation like transmission belts, clutch and blades.


Robust Transmission

  • The Yardbeast 7027 hydraulic feed wood chipper features a Commercial Duty Tri-Lobe Noram Clutch that is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The clutch is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide a smooth, reliable transfer of power from the engine to the chipper blades. 


Powerful Hydraulics

  • Equipped with an 8-bearing mounted carriage, the feed roller effortlessly glides up and down, adapting seamlessly to the varying heights of branches.Its robust roller motor boasts a torque of 2,500 ft-lb, effortlessly crushing small twigs attached to the trunk, minimizing the need for pruning.The feed roller assembly is preloaded with tension springs capable of giving a clamp load in excess of 500 lbs, ensuring a secure grip on even the most stubborn branches.

YB7027-openpan-shadow (3).png


• Chipping capacity, 7.0° (178mm)
• Rotor Weight: 132-Ib, Rotor RPM: 2,300 approx.
• Blade: Dual A8 Tool Steel Reversible Blade
• Blade dimensions: 8.4" x 4" x 1/2" with Dual Anvil knife bed
• Flywheel Construction 25" x 3/4" thick steel with 3/8" rotor vanes
Feed Hopper: 31" x 41" with collapsible chute pan for transport and Automatic

Operating Warning Light Frame construction: 3/16" thick steel. Weld seams all around
• Bearing units: SKR® or NTN® premium roller sealed bearings /custom forged housing
Discharge height: 85" with discharge deflector controlled with chain link
• Feed Roller with Dual Suspension rails with SKF® bearing rollers
• Chipper Weight (w/engine): 1,650 Ibs.

• 5-gal heavy-duty oil tank with magnetic debris trap and oil sight level
• CHIEF Gear Pump: 0.48 CID, 3.9 GPM @ 2000 RPM, 3650 PS
• CHIEF BMPH Motor; 14.1 CID, 1625 PSI,@240 RPM, 3185 ft-Ib Torque
• CHIEF Flow Regulator, 3000 PSI. Adjustable Speed
• Electronic Feed Control with Work Hours logger and Programmable Features

• Make: Kohler 747cc 27HP with Heavy Duty Air Filter and Electric Start
• RPM: 3,600
• Torque: 43 ft-lb (58-Nm) @ Peak Torque
• Dry Weight: 105 Ibs.
• Displacement: 747cc
• Ol Capacity: 1.9 Lts
• Fuel Tank Capacity 5.0 Gal Fluorinated w/ Carbon Vapor Canister CARB Approved
• Drive: NORAM® TriLobe Commercial centrifugal clutch
• Belts Gates@ Hi-Power Il Banded Belt.
• Rotor Pulley: Cast Iron pulley with 1-1/2" heavy-duty taper hub.
• Wheels: 20.5" High-Speed Wheel - 5 spoke
• Frame construction: 1/8" thick steel with engine base tension plate, and structural crosslinks
• Total Frame width: 68"
• Suspension: Torsion stub suspension
• Guards: Belt Guard with 3-point support
• Rear Axle: Fixed, 1/8" Steel thick 21-1/4" wide
• Hitch: 2" Class-ll Ball Hitch Coupler with chain hooks
• Trailer: DOT Compliant Trailer with suspension with lightning kit




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