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6.5-inch Commercial Wood Chipper 

  • Select your power unit from, the mighty Kohler CH742 747cc or the ferocious CRX 750cc V-twin 

  • Capable of chipping wood branches up to 6.5 inches with unprecedented self-feeding capability.                                    

  • Highway towable with 2" ball receiver and 1,000-lb trailer assist jack with additional trailing jack for improved rear stability. 

  •  Torsion axle suspension system that ensures a smooth ride, coupled with large tires that deliver exceptional on-road and off-road performance capabilities.

  • Transmission commercial-grade clutch and power belt for easy starts and efficient power transmission.

STARTS AT  $11,399.69




Select the engine you need to power your Yardbeast 6525 wood chipper
Select your power option on your Yardbeast 6525 between a Kohler CH742 and a CRX 750cc V-twin engine

Powered by Kohler CH742 747cc 25HP V-twin Engine

Power through your toughest jobs with the Kohler Command Pro CH742 V-twin engine. Built for commercial-grade performance and durability, it's the reliable choice for your equipment needs.

Power you commercial grade chipper with commercial engine power like the CRX 750cc.

Powered by CRX 750cc 22HP V-twin Engine

Reliable, durable, and powerful: The CRX Commercial 750cc V-twin engine is the ultimate choice for your heavy-duty chipping needs.



five star review on our commercial grade chippers

Your 6525 is spectacular. Simply awesome. It does exactly what you state It is a great machine with some of the best quality manufacturing and engineering. Awesome machine. I just don’t know where to post a review of your machine. It really is an awesome machine. Glad I found your site


five star chipper review

I just wanted Yardbeast to know that I have over 400 hrs. of run time on my 6525. I am very pleased with the performance and price of the unit. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good gravity feed chipper.


read our five star reviews on the Yardbeast 6525 commercial grade wood chipper

I have a YardBeast 6525 Commercial Chipper and I love it. To hire a professional brush clearing company I was quoted $1,600 per day and they said they could clear about 1 acre per day. With my Yardbeast 6525 and a chain saw, I was able to clear about 1/2 acre per day and the end product was much cleaner looking. Few points to remember. 1) When your Yardbeast arrives, it will be on a pallet and need some assembly. Make sure the delivery driver places it so you have full 360 access. Mine was placed with the rear against some bushes and I had difficulty accessing that section. 2) When starting the engine, put the choke on full and the throttle on about 1 inch. As soon as the engine fires, pull the choke off. I tried starting with the throttle all the way off and it would not start until I moved the throttle about an inch. 3) Once started, let the blades come up to speed before going full throttle. You can tell this by the sound change once the blade is up to speed. 4) The machine needs to be on a level surface when operating. I know this sounds logical, but it's not always feasible when working in the woods. If not level, the top cover over the blade will slowly move to the downward side and the blade will begin to hit it. If this happens, simply push it over and tighten the turn handles with a pair of channel locks (if you try and hand tightens them, the tops will break off.

Pros: Works as advertised! Great product for the money, Highly recommend it if you have small trees, bushes, or branches that need to be mulched up.

Cons: The turn handles for the blade cover should be made of metal, the plastic ones will break.


Our chippers are dependable, reliable and built heavy duty which makes our chippers a great investment for small tree care business
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