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Chipping a 4.5 inch diameter wood branch on one of Yardbeast top wood chippers
Chipping a 4.5 inch diameter wood branch on one of Yardbeast top wood chippers

A Wood Chipper Built to Last and Perform

Choose from our lines below:


Our biggest gravity-fed woodchipper. A true beast ready to devour every branch you throw at it. This chipper is capable of reducing branches up to 6.5 inches in diameter, quickly and easily. 

STARTS AT $11,399.69

Chipping a 6 inch diameter wood branch on one of Yardbeast top wood chippers

The most competitive gravity feed commercial rated chipper in the industry. The 4521 is a reliable and high performing capable of chipping up to 4.5 inches with tremendous self feeding power.

STARTS AT $9,799.69

4 inch rated gravity feed brush chipper


a small wood chipper perfect for the home tree waste cleanup chores. The Yardbeast 2050 is a rugged and reliable mulcher chipper that can produce beautiful chips and mulch for garden decor

A Mulcher Chipper Built Like a Tank.

Type: Wood Chipper Shredder
Chipping Capacity: 3.0-inches
Shredding Capacity: 5/8-inch branches, leaves
Power: 9.5HP Kohler Command Pro®
Dual ASTM36 Hardened Steel Blades



Chipping Shredding Power

Type: Wood Chipper Shredder
Chipping Capacity:  3.5-inches 
Shredding: 3/4-inch branches, leaves, wet material. 6 Fullshred Flails, 24 Hammers

Power 14HP Kohler Command Pro®n
Single D2 Tool Steel Blades


the Yardbeast 3514. a reliable yard chipper that you can tow around your yard with your garden tractor

A Yard Chipper Warrior

Type: Gravity Feed Professional Duty Chipper
Chipping Capacity:  3.5-inches 
Discharge: 360-deg rotational
Power: 14HP Kohler Command Pro®
Single D2 Tool Steel Blade


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*applies only to contiguous 48 United States. Please contact us for shipping to PR, HI, AK

yardbeast logo of a boar eating and chipping a wood branch

The Ultimate BEAST!

Yardbeast 7027 commercial grade wood chipper for arborist applications. small tree chipper, tree cutter


The Yardbeast 7027 is our biggest commercial grade hydraulic-feed wood chipper yet capable of eating branches up to 7 inches in diameter. It has been rigorously designed to withstand heavy-duty work on hard to reach places. You can choose to power your 7027 by choosing between a 27HP or a 37HP Kohler Command Pro V twin engine. Feeding is electronically controlled to optimize chipping performance and minimize work time and load of the chipper.

Built for Tough

Our gas-powered wood chippers are built from tough materials and premium components to provide unmatched chipping performance and reliability. Click below to learn more about why we believe our chippers are made one cut above the rest.

Our gas powered wood chipper is built to withstand the toughest yard cleaning jobs clearly making it one of the top wood chippers brand in the industry

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