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3.0-inch Wood Chipper Shredder

  • Wood chipping capacity up to 3.0 inches.

  • Shreds leaves and shrubs up to 5/8 inches in diameter.     

  • Featuring a mighty, professional-grade 13.9 ft-lbs KOHLER CH395 9.5HP engine.                                        

  • All steel thick gauge chipper box. 

  • Transmission clutch for easy starts and better engine shock load protection.

MSRP  $2,999.99

The Yardbeast 2050 Wood Chipper Shredder is the ideal tool to make quick mulch of your leaves and branches


Customers love the Yardbeast 2050 chipper for sale at our store. If you want to bring next level chipping and shredding, we recommend exploring the Yardbeast 2050
read reviews on the Yardbeast 2050

We had a Troybilt chipper for over 20 years. It finally broke and we were unable to fix it. We have been hesitant to purchase another chipper because of the lack of quality but now we have found the perfect replacement. This machine is exactly what we were looking for to demolish oak leaves and bush trimmings. The only issue is the problem that has been said here before about the discharge chute but otherwise, we are thrilled with the solid construction of the item and its performance. The chute does clog easily but it is not enough to take away from how happy we are with the product. Now only time will tell if it will last as long as our beloved Troybilt


The Yardbeast 2050 enjoys five start reviews by customers that love chipping and shredding

The machine is very aptly named, this is a Yard Beast! The unit is very very well built with high-quality steel and bolts.
The machine eats and shreds tree limbs. I had cut down a 30-foot tree and the machine shredded all the limbs and made a nice pile of wood chip mulch for the garden.
I did put a limb that was larger than the 3-inch limit. It got stuck in the chipper and stalled the machine. I was VERY impressed with the design of the machine. Removing the limb was as easy as removing 2 cotter pins, removing two long pins gives you easy access to remove the cage covering the chipper blades. Removing the stuck was very easy. The total time to remove the limb was around 5 minutes. The only issue I have is the speed at which you can chip/shred items is faster than the discharge can blow the material out/away from the discharge shoot. I had to use a stick to clean the discharge shoot.
The device is expensive. When it arrived I thought the device was overbuilt. But given the speed at which it shreds/chips I feel now that it is not overbuilt at all. The useful live of this machine is measured in 10s of years.


Quick Facts

The yardbeast chips up to 3.0 inch branches


You can shred leaves and twigs up to 5/8 inches


The Yardbeast 2050 weighs up to 262 lbs

262 LB
(118 KG)

Standard 7/8-inch diameter holes on the Yardbeast 2050

7/8" HOLE

The fullshred set of uniquely designed flails help quickly reduce all types of green organic waste


The dual blade design allows the Yardbeast 2050 wood chipper to process all types of tree branches up to 3.0 inches

2x A36 HT

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