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Replacing the Rotor on your Yardbeast 2090 Chipper Shredder

Updated: Apr 26

On this tutorial, we will cover how to make a complete rotor swap on your chipper shredder. The model utilized here is the chipper shredder 2090, but the concept is pretty much the same on all of our chipper shredders. This tutorial will serve you well if you need to remove the rotor to perform maintenance or a rotor swap.


For this tutorial, we will use:

1- Pliers

1- Can of penetrating oil spray

1- Hex key 1/8" (Allen key)

2- Hex wrenches 9/16"

2- Flat screwdrivers (chisel optional)

1- Small hammer or mallet

1- Pulley extractor

1- Oil dispenser, grease

Strips of 280-grit sanding paper (or higher)

Before starting this tutorial, remove the belt guard and belts beforehand (Make sure the engine is OFF). On how to remove/reassemble the belts, please refer to the following tutorial here.

Step 2.

Spray the bearing unit with penetrating oil. Make sure to aim directly to shaft and bearing housing contact (use the straw). Let it sit for approx 20 mins.

Step 3.

Loosen the 2-housing socket screws with a 1/8" hex key (Allen).

Step 4.

Remove L-shaped pins and safety hair pins.

Step 5.

Remove the screen from the chipper.

Step 6.

Insert a piece of wood or another suitable piece to block the rotor from rotating.

Step 7.

Remove the shaft center bolt with a 9/16" hex wrench or using socket driver.

Step 8.

Remove the 1/4" hub bolts with a 7/16" socket and place them on the other holes, tighten to push the pulley away towards the bearing, and free the hub. The pulley must be sitting completely away from the hub.

Step 9.

If the pulley is free but the hub is too tight to slide it out by hand, place a pulley extractor and bring the pulley out along with the hub as shown in the picture.