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Introducing the Yardbeast 2090 Wood Chipper Shredder, the superlative tool for anyone looking to easily shred and reduce yard debris in their properties. This powerful machine is powered by a reliable 14HP Kohler CH440 Command Pro® engine, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.


With 24 shredding hammers and 6 reducing Fullshred™ Flails, the Yardbeast 2090 can quickly shred through a variety of materials, including branches, leaves, and other yard waste. The shredding hammers are made of durable, high-quality steel and are designed to effectively break down any debris that enters the machine.


The Fullshred™ Flails, on the other hand, are specifically designed for reducing and processing material, further ensuring that the Yardbeast 2090 can handle even the toughest yard debris. With these powerful features, the Yardbeast 2090 can quickly and easily reduce yard waste into smaller, more manageable pieces.


The Yardbeast 2090 Wood Chipper Shredder is also incredibly easy to use, with a large hopper that allows for easy loading of material. The machine is mounted on a sturdy frame with large 15 inch wheels, making it easy to move around your property with your Quad bike or Utility vehicle. Additionally, the Yardbeast 2090 is designed for easy maintenance, with easily accessible components and simple controls.


In summary, the Yardbeast 2090 Wood Chipper Shredder is the perfect tool for anyone looking to easily and efficiently reduce yard waste. With its powerful engine, durable construction, and easy-to-use design, the Yardbeast 2090 is sure to make any yard work a breeze.

Yardbeast 2090 3.5-Inch Wood Chipper Shredder

SKU: 7431030000129
$3,799.99 Regular Price
$3,299.99Sale Price


    Weight: 420 lb

    Chipper Crate Dimensions: 44" x 35" x 44" (dimensions in inches)

    Unit ships by Less-than-Truckload in one crate. Our Free Shipping deal includes Residential Delivery and Liftgate service to help with unloading the unit off the truck. Carrier schedules a delivery appointment prior to delivery. 


    This unit is currently:




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