We currently don't offer replacement belt as they are found with better pricing out at other internet retail sites. 

For replacement belts; copy & paste the following links according to your machine serial #. 

Up to Serial # 1314 (B45 Gates HiPower II Belt)


Serial #1315 - #1352 (size B46)


Serial #1353 and up (size B48)


If you have any question about Belt size, or which one you should buy, please contact us at sales@yardbeast.com 

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Belt (#2050004)


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    - 2510

    - 3514

    - 3514ATV



    - 2050

    - 2090

    Commercial Wood


    - 4521

    - 4500

    Spare Parts

    - 2510

    - 2090

    - 2050

    - 3514

    All of our wood chippers are made from quality components and materials. Designed with the user in mind; our wood chippers can withstand the hardest of jobs out in the field. 
    From residential to more robust applications, we have a solution for you; whether it is chipping palm fronds in Miami or shredding pine cones in Seattle. Our wood chippers are backed by our 2-year warranty and up to a 3-year engine warranty on the engines we carry. 
    All of our chipper orders are shipped free to residential addresses with liftgate service included. We are an established business since 2006 based on Miami, Florida (FL). 
    We sell high-quality wood chipper equipment for residential, semi-pro and commercial applications. 
    We breathe innovation and design; our chippers are evolving constantly with one goal in mind: 100% customer satisfaction.

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