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Top 6 ideas for your wood chips

wood chips coming out of a wood chipper shredder

Where is Wood Chip Mulch used?

1. Playgrounds
About 50,000 playgrounds in North America make use of dense wood chips Wood chips are known to consistently provide great drainage, absorb shock, and cover quite large areas of land. In fact, the usage of wood chips has gained wide popularity due to their superior qualities and natural look. Likewise, it is a great substitute for sands, rocks, and stones on playgrounds. It is considered a cheap and durable option especially for schools whereby young children play and toil around every day.

2. Trails
Wood mulch is a very popular material used for surface decoration and area division in forests and park trails. They are easy to spread and arrange due to their mass being lightweight. Likewise, the chips are relatively equal-sized, and their appearance is varies depending on the type of wood chipped. One of the awesome advantages of wood chips on trails is
 that it's ideal for wheelchair accessibility. The surface is dense, allowing wheelchairs to roll smoothly on the surface. More so, it is affordable and easily accessible at local hardware stores or landscape material dealers.


3. Gardens
Wood mulch can vastly improve the overall appearance of your garden, especially if you have a problem with weed control and erosion. Generally, mulch is great for landscaping, offering a neat and consistent look along flower beds. More so, since mulch is available and can be modified into different colors, they have endless design options. There is an endless array of ideas for using mulch for gardens. Besides keeping control of erosion and weeds, they also function as a water sponge, control humidity both in summer and winter, and can also interact with the pH of the ground, just to name a few...


4. Animal beddings stalls
Wood mulch besides being Eco-friendly is also animal-friendly! Wood chips have a cushion-like texture, making them an ideal option for animal bedding. It serves as an intermediary layer between the soil and the animal heels, thereby absorbing a good amount of impact when they walk. Maintaining wood chips bedding is also easy and hassle-free. All you need is to change them if they are significantly polluted or reduced from decomposition.


5. Biofuel
Wood chips are a cheap source of fuel for homes and commercial uses, especially for those located in cold climate areas. It has had technical challenges to make it burn efficiently in stoves -compared to wood pellets-, but it’s still a very much untapped renewable source of energy and has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The waste from burning wood chips (wood ash and charcoal) can be returned to the soil as fertilizers. There are more residential stove and boiler manufacturers that are implementing wood chips as a fuel source.

6. Compost
This is one of the most popular choices for wood chips. Called the ‘black Gold’ by gardeners; customers make compost out of wood chips and other nutrient-rich organic material that decomposes and then uses as fertilizer for their flower beds and plants. If you don’t feel like composting, then just spreading the chips can also give nutrients back to the ground. The small chip size increases the decomposition ratio of the chips, making it much faster than otherwise letting the branches decompose naturally.


At Yardbeast we are ready to offer you a wide array of wood chippers depending on your chipping needs. Get in touch with us to start reclaiming your property from those ugly piles of branches and get your own beautiful nutrient-rich mulch.





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