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Common first start engine overlooks 



It is understandable that when you receive your chipper for the first time, you have to get used to -not only to the chipper, its operational nature and its features but to the engine and its own peculiarities as well. The engine is obviously an essential component for the chipper to work and from our experience some things might get overlooked when attempting to fire it up for the first time.


So we have compiled a short list of things to check beforehand to make sure your beast will roar from the first pull!

Step 1.


Fuel ON / OFF Valve.


Always have to make sure to have your fuel valve in the OPEN position. Please read your engine manual to determine the open position of the valve.

engine fuel valve

Step 2.


Oil Level / Oil Sensor


The engines are not shipped with oil due to shipping regulations. Most engines now come with low-level oil sensor that prevents the engine from further operation as a protective measure. So you have to fill up and make sure there is enough oil inside the engine otherwise the engine will not start. Always fill the engine with the correct amount of oil (do not overfill). This is one of the most overlooked starting issues.

engine oil sensor

Step 3.


Engine Switch ON/OFF.


Most engines now come with an engine ON/OFF switch. You have to make sure this switch is placed on the ON position before starting the engine.

engine kill switch

Step 4.


Choke lever


If firing the engine for the first time, or it is cold (room temperature), you want to use the choke lever to restrict the flow of air into the combustion chamber to create a richer fuel-air mixture. Once the engine is choked, pull the recoil rope; once the engine spurs gradually move the open the choke lever to the fully-open position before revving up the engine.

engine choke lever

Step 5. 


Check your altitude


If you happen to live high above 3,000 feet in altitude. you might need to get your engine refitted with a High Altitude Carb Kit. Make sure to contact us if this is the case and we will be glad to help you out.

engine high altitude carb kit
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