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All of our wood chippers are made from quality components and materials. Designed with the user in mind; our wood chippers can withstand the hardest of jobs out in the field. 
From residential to more robust applications, we have a solution for you; whether it is chipping palm fronds in Miami or shredding pine cones in Seattle. Our wood chippers are backed by our 2-year warranty and up to a 3-year engine warranty on the engines we carry. 
All of our chipper orders are shipped free to residential addresses with liftgate service included. We are an established business since 2006 based on Miami, Florida (FL). 
We sell high-quality wood chipper equipment for residential, semi-pro and commercial applications. 
We breathe innovation and design; our chippers are evolving constantly with one goal in mind: 100% customer satisfaction.

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Should I Own or Rent a Wood Chipper?

2510 wood chipper towed by a person

A lot of customers ask themselves whether it is better to buy or rent a wood chipper. Investing in a quality wood chipper is not an easy decision. If you are in this boat, you may be thinking, “Why would I invest thousands of dollars in a piece of equipment that I may only use part-time?“


That is one key question to ask before committing yourself to own a wood chipper. As such we would like to offer some ideas that can help you decide whether to rent or own..


So, should I buy or rent? Well, this will fundamentally depend on your chipping needs.


Let us start with some realities of owning a wood chipper. Owning a wood chipper can poise some challenges. To begin, you may need to do  some degree of maintenance on the unit like changing belts (a wear and tear component), greasing the bearings, changing the wheels, etc.- You may be an avid fix-it-yourself person and so this is not a concern. On the other hand, those who are not inclined to self-repairs need to remember that having a dealer do these things may not be worth the run, the time, and ultimately the cost.


Another consideration is space. Ask yourself if you have the proper storage while the chipper is not in use.  This is true specially on cold states that get a lot of snow. In contrast, if you live in places like San Diego you can use  your unit pretty much year-round. If you live in a cold climate and need to put the chipper away for winter, you’ll need to provide the proper “hibernation” maintenance. That means, prepping the fuel with additives, cleaning the air filters, etc., before being stored away for the duration of the cold season


. The decision whether to rent a wood chipper will depend on the type of tasks you are looking to take on.  For example; if you are doing a one-time job to remove branches, renting a unit would be the smart move. (In fact, given how often these jobs appear on their list, many contractors prefer to rent.) A big downside for renting, however, is that places like Home Depot usually rent big chippers that need to be towed. So, you may not be inclined to have a tow truck come to your place or residence or work.


In addition, when renting it is important to consider time. Since you will likely be charged by the hour, you need to ensure that your task is in order to avoid undue charges.


So if you own a property that has trees and shrubberies, and you would like to keep this controlled year-round-- without the stress of having to deal with someone else's equipment or towing --  then you will be much better off owning a chipper.