Trailer Kit for the Yardbeast 3514 Wood chipper


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Product Overview


This a great choice for those customers who own bigger properties and need to haul their 3514 wood chipper further away from home. This trailer is designed to fit ATVs, and Garden tractors as well as Utility Vehicles.


The trailer rides on heavy duty 13" wheels with bearings for maximum longevity. The wheelbase is wide enough so the chipper has greater stability in uneven terrain.

The trailer comes with hitch pin and support leg for storing it as well as any required on-site operation without the vehicle.



* All Steel fabricated Yardbeast 3514 Pro Wood Chipper ATV trailer with standard pin hitch ideal for ATV's, Garden Tractors, UTV's and more.

* Standard 3/4" heavy duty spindles.

* 13" x 5.00-6 Heavy Duty pneumatic wheels with bearings.

* All steel trailer adjustable support leg.

* Bag with fasteners and assembly manual.

Here is the Yardbeast 3514 assembled with an ATV tow kit

Yardbeast 3514 shown with ATV trailer kit