3514 ATV Kit Assembly



On this tutotial, we will cover how to install the ATV kit on the Yardbeast 3514 chipper. 

Step 1.




For this tutorial, we will use:

1- Pliers

2- Hex wrenches 9/16"

1- Piece of wood or a slab.

Tip: Installing the kit is much easier with the help of another person. However we have attempted to make this tutorial for one person assembly operation. 

Step 2.


With a wood slab, lift one end of the chipper. On this case, we lift the engine side first.

3514 chipper being fitted with an garden tractor towable ATV kit.

Step 3.


We will be utilizing the right side axle base as shown on the picture and the following fasteners.

4- 3/8" x 1" Hex Bolts

4- 3/8" Flat Washers

4- 3/8" Lock Washers

The nuts are already welded on the inside of the axle base.

Step 5.


Make sure the axle is on the correct position before putting together. 

Step 6. 


Install all fasteners before tightening with a 9/16" hex wrench. 


Step 7. 


Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side of the chipper.

Step 8. 


On this step we will assemble the wheels. We will need the following parts:

2- 15-6 x 3/4" Pneumatic wheel assembly

4- 3/4" Flat washers

2- 1/8" Cotter safety pin

Step 9. 


First, slide on the washers inside the shaft. Then slide the wheel as shown on the pic. 


Step 10. 


After sliding the wheel, place on another flat washer on the outside, before sliding the cotter pin that holds together the assembly. Make sure to twist the pin legs to prevent the pin and assembly from sliding out.


Step 11. 


Repeat step 10 on the engine side. Make sure to have a slab or a support with sufficient height to slide the wheel onto the shaft.


Step 12. 


For next step we will be putting on the tow bar receiver. For this you will need:

1- Receiver

4- 3/8" x 1" hex bolts

4- 3/8" flat washers

4- 3/8" lock nut

4- 3/8" hex nut

Step 13. 


Position the receiver as shown on the pic and tighten with the provided fasteners. 


Step 14. 


For next steps we will be utilizing the following components:

1- trailer stand

1- L-pin safety pin

1- 1/8" safety hairpin

1- eye hole


Step 15. 

insert the trailer stand as shown and fix it in place with the stand L-pin.  

Step 16. 


Tighten the eye hole on top of the stand.


Step 17. 


For installing the two bar we will need the following fasteners and pins:

1- pivot pin

1- lock pin with eyehole

1- hitch pin with eyehole

1- 5/8" hairpin

1- 3/4" hairpin 

2- 1/8" cotter pin

2- 5/8" flat washer

Step 18. 


Insert the pivot pin on the upper part of the assembly and secure it with a flat washer and cotter pin on each side. Remember to twist each cotter pin's legs.


Step 19. 


Below the pivot pin, insert the lock pin and secure it with a 5/8" hairpin safety pin.


Step 20. 


Insert the hitch pin on the end of the tow bar and lock it in place with a 3/4" hairpin. 

This concludes our tutorial on how to assemble the ATV kit on the Yardbeast 3514 wood chipper.